New Entrant Program (NEP) Consultation (2017-2018)

The BC Milk Marketing Board (the Board) is conducting a consultation, to assist in the development of a New Entrant Program (NEP), which will encourage new people to enter the dairy industry as producers. An effective New Entrant Program will support the sustainability and social license of the dairy industry.

Background on New Entrant Programs at the BCMMB

The waitlist for the Board’s previous Graduated Entry Program (GEP) was exhausted in January 2017, when the Board invited the remaining waitlisted Graduated Entry Program (GEP) candidates to begin the GEP process for approval, which includes submission of a five-year business plan, ministry approvals and a Board interview. Those who are approved are expected to begin production by early 2019, at the latest.

Following the Board’s thorough BC Dairy Quota Policy & Governance Review (2013-2014), the BCMMB provided to the BC Farm Industry Review Board, a list of recommendations and a commitment to create a new program for new entrants, noting stakeholder support for change to the previous GEP approach to encouraging new dairy entrants. In 2014, the BC Farm Industry Review Board accepted the Milk Board recommendation that the new entrant program be reviewed and updated. See the FIRB letter of September 23, 2014 Supervisory Review Decision-BCMMB Quota Governance Review-September 23 2014 or for more details of the consultation please click the following link Quota Policy & Governance Review .

The intention of the NEP Consultation is to encourage input from producers and other interested stakeholders, throughout the seven-month consultation. Ultimately, the Board plans to release the details of a final NEP program by summer 2018, with an eye to approved NEP participants beginning production by mid-2019. See Consultation Plan for more detail on the intended process and timeline: NEP Consultation Plan 

New information, any updates and policy recommendations that pertain to the NEP Consultation will be posted to this BCMMB webpage periodically and in a timely manner as the Consultation proceeds.

Final policy information and decisions that may result from the process will be communicated to stakeholders and posted to the BCMMB website.

NEP Consultation: Comments open until April 30, 2018

The first step of the NEP Consultation was a Stakeholder Survey which was open October 5 - October 22, 2017. The Board thanks you for your participation. We had more than 170 responses and many valuable comments.

Although the survey is now closed, the website will remain open for comments until the end of the consultation period-April 30, 2018.

The Board wants to hear from you. Please see the comment form below:

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