Are you set up to access your information online?

Thursday, May 19, 2011
With a potential Canada Post strike pending in the near future, I thought it would be a good opportunity to remind you about your 'online' accessibility for all of your production information. The new site is very user friendly and login allows you to access all of your current (and historical to 2008) milk statements, lab results, notices, and Quota Exchange results and forms. Do you have your username and password yet? If you have not been successful logging into your account, the following reasons might be why:


  • We created a new website last year and with it came new 'temporary' usernames and passwords for each online account.

  • Have you changed your email address since the launch of our new site? If so, your previous address may still be in our system. If this is the case, any password retrieval you attempt will be sent to whatever email address we have on file

  • You have not used the website previously to access your information. If this is the case, we won't even have an email address on file for you, therefore the password retrieval won't work, because there's no address in the system to send it to!

  • Some email addresses were deleted with the switch altogether. While you may have logged in on the old site, there is a possibility that your email address was deleted with the launch of the new site.

All of these scenarios are easy fixes. So if you would like to get your online access set up, please contact us at the office so we can get you started!

Reception     604-556-3444    or by email at
Melanie        604-302-8835    or by email at
Kathy            604-854-4471    or by email at

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